Update 3.10.20

A Wrestling Journalist like Marie Shadows who gives a spotlight to non-mainstream wrestling personnel in New York / New Jersey areas needs some stability in crisis.

Shadows Service Announcement (SSA):

The Squared Circle Podcast thanks everyone that allows this newsletter to be delivered to your emails. The Squared Circle Podcast newsletter is an extension of the podcast in written form. I use the podcast to talk wrestling shows like AEW, WWE (when good), NWA, and NJPW. My podcast is always subject to change.

However, when I’m at indie events like BWF, TCW, IWA, and others along the New York/New Jersey area I like to write it in long form so you can witness the pictures and videos I took of the athletes. The small independents aren’t on a network. No one knows the companies and wrestlers except for locals.

The main goal of this newsletter is to shine a spotlight on wrestling personnel that’s not mainstream.

It’s easy for them to wrestle, to referee, to commentate, to announce, but the marketing of it all is difficult. So I take it upon myself to showcase how good they are through these newsletters. I understand that not everyone is a wrestling a fan. Some fell in love during the Attitude Era and then out of love. Some fell back into it with the emergence of AEW. Even the small guys needs an audience to support them. Just like I need your support to continuously improve this newsletter and podcast. It’s amazing, this community I run with. We’re all family. We all love one common anomaly. We’re under one roof for at least 3 hours of our lives witnessing incredible action, storylines, and more. I’m having fun with this newsletter. I enjoy bringing everyone content about Pro Wrestling. I can’t say it enough: It’s my passion and love.

I currently write for free. I gave full matches for free. My return sign ups are non-existence. My views are skyrocketing for the posts. I’m in thanks to it all. I’m soon going to give you guys highlights of the matches I record. All full matches will be on the Squared Circle Podcast YouTube channel.

Patrons will receive full matches. Patrons will receive full interviews.

Friends will receive highlights in the newsletter.

I’m not trying to alienate anyone from viewing, reading, and commenting on the newsletter. I value my time and effort to bring you top notch wrestlers along the east coast. I value my time and effort of writing up the newsletter, placing the correct pictures and matches with the correct story behind them. It takes time to edit the wrestling matches for highlights and full video for fan consumption. As much as I love it, it’s a business. I have no resources. I have no backing. I have the support of an honest wrestling family called: Wrestling Community.

I’m a one-woman do it all behind the Square Circle Podcast episodes and newsletter.

It’s not guilt that I say this but information. Information you may not have known about. I travel with JD Alpha to review the New Jersey companies. Would love to travel often, bring you more exciting content.

I will keep the newsletter free for all content and updates. You have the choice to support me. I hope you do as perks will be available.

The next newsletter is about Bronx Wrestling Federation: March 7, 2020. It’ll be free with highlights. To get full matches it’ll be paid.

Remember that the companies I promote, the wrestling business I promote is all done for FREE. I’m not hired by them. There’s no partnership, yet. I simply go, have fun, and turn that fun into a passionate love that gets released here on Substack - my home. (Yes, I’m sorry Medium. No one likes pro wrestling on Medium but I’ll try.)

$5 monthly / $60 yearly:
-Full Matches
-Travel more
-Full interviews
-Merch (give-a-ways)
-Full vlogs
-On the Road Stories (WWE related added)
-Thank yous

It’s a marathon, not a spring.

I don’t expect people to give a start-up like myself who once worked for World Wrestling Entertainment money off the back. But I haven’t created clickbait content. I don’t fool people into thinking my work is above anyone else. I don’t troll people of the wrestling community.

I give the facts of the promotion. I give the facts of the matches. I give my heart and soul to break down stories and matches.

See here:

Podcast episode: Dropping Dem Stars for AEW Revolution (currently 6 plays!)

Substack: Preview for AEW Revolution PPV | TCW and a Warlord | New Jersey Tales / Wrestler Interview

I love educating fans on how stories work in a match. The psychology of matches is fun. To see the turmoil of wrestlers while acting out stories gets me invested and excited to see what happens next. AEW has that down to a tee. I like producing quality over quantity. Quantity is the added bonus of when working on multiple podcast episodes for release but the quality is what counts for me.

Things I haven’t released yet:

1) Wrestle Kingdom
2) An AEW Dark episode review
3) The Substack and IWA events (I know.)
4) Latest AEW Dynamite episode

BWF Once Upon A Time In The Bronx - soon (right after this)

Now I’m at a plateau of signees. No pressure guys. I understand how life can become complicated, fast, uncontrolled, and more. However, we’re united under one love. Help me help you by having your time humbly appreciated through the content I provide.

Upcoming ideas:

1) Talk about Jim Ross on AEW Unrestricted Podcast. Jim mentioned about how people got paid for the jobs done in the business. I want to dive deeper in to that.
2) Interview wrestlers (the more I write that, I’ll be pushed to get over my fear.)
3) Monthly themes dedicated to wrestling. (March Madness for example.)
4) Preview AEW Dynamite for March 25th.
5) Preview to celebrating my birthday, March 28th at TCW.
6) Research topics in wrestling to examine them.

Everything is ever changing like the wrestling business. I enjoy everyone’s company. I understand that there’s only 13 sign ups, and if you find this in your email, please share it with your community. Someone you know may be interested in the world of pro wrestling and might want to sign up. It takes 3 seconds to get a W, and that’s what I’m expecting. Let’s all get a W by sharing this post. Your reading time is greatly appreciated.

-Marie Shadows