My squad and I are going to an AEW event!

New Jersey Prudential Center here we come!

I never thought a new wrestling organization would pop up after so many years. For years World Wrestling Entertainment has become the staple of the wrestling mecca. Despite WWE not fulfilling fans these days, no one can deny WWE’s massive power. All the casual fans know of WWE. All wrestling fans know of WWE. I worked for WWE for 3 months. I attended a handful of WWE events when they came to Madison Square Garden and the Barclay Center. Yes, I’m in New York City. I wouldn’t travel unreasonably far being poor just to watch a WWE event. But times are different and changing. I would travel for All Elite Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling has a mission, goals, and values that makes me proud of them and want to support them. It’s new and hip and trendy, but my excitement for attending an upcoming AEW event goes deeper than that. I can finally support wrestlers that mean the world to me. Every wrestler grew organically without a huge company backing them. That’s why they are the world’s sweethearts. I can relate to each of them in one way or another.

Kenny Omega - Super talented, creative, and truthful. His love for video games is probably on the same level as his love for pro-wrestling. He makes situations and actions mean something.

Matt and Nick Jackson - Brothers who broke all the “rules” in wrestling. They give hope and inspiration to make it on your own, as independent, and never let anyone deter, shun, or stop your quest.

Cody - The charming martyr to pro wrestling. His charm and wit has fans loving him as a face and heel. He’s breaths this industry unlike any other, and would definitely put himself first to show case that wrestling is more than just art, it’s life.

Brandi - The defiant. “Fans” complain about Brandi 24/7…aren’t you tired of it? Brandi probably had no interest being a wrestler in the beginning of her career. Brandi is great as an announcer. I enjoyed her role in WWE at the time. Brandi is great as a manager. Brandi grasped the wrestling concept quicker than most. The only last logical task to complete is learning how to wrestle. Let me level with everyone: in-ring training requires a special mindset. I trained for a bit. When you get told to drop or take a bump as if you were to just flip a coin, your mind tells you no. You’re body is like: What? You want me to just fall? I did it a couple of times. Sometimes when you fall, everything happens so quickly, that you forget to tuck your chin and bang your head on the mat. After that, I needed a break. My point is this: don’t you think for one second, dear fans, that when Brandi started it took time to get it and now she can have matches? Brandi gets a lot of disrespect from fans when she’s magical in all areas of what professional wrestling is: a physicality of theatrical performances.

Hangman Adam Page - Cowboy Shit. I know that’s not enough. Page is a young talent with multiple layers. He’s playing up the high school kid or misfit very well. We can all see it. At least one person identifies with it. Let’s examine it closer. Page wasn’t with the Elite from the beginning. The Elite being Nick, Matt, and Kenny as the original. As the family grew, Hangman Page became a good addition. Before hanging out with The Elite officially, Page originally hung out with Cody during his Ring of Honor days. It felt like Cody took Page under his wing. Cody saw the future superstar within Hangman Page. So after the Ring of Honor days and the Bullet Club is fine days, Hangman Page will transition to All Elite Wrestling. Matt, Nick, and Kenny are the popular ones, the cool kids that everyone wants to be around. While Hangman is still one of their boys, he’s still consider an outcast. Hangman is there but not really there. It’s seen on the recent episodes of Being the Elite and backstage interview segments in which everyone cuts him off from talking about his thoughts on matches and more. We all either have friends like that or grew up in that environment in which you like the idea of being around the popular kids, got there, but all behind the scenes you know you aren’t really accepted.

Some wrestlers have more layers than other which is fine. And that’s what I want more of: layered wrestlers. I’ve grown so distant from the formulaic WWE. AEW storytelling excites me. And I’m happy to announce that on March 25, 2020 I get to cross off a bucket list item of attending an AEW show when they come to the tri sate area. I will travel to New Jersey and celebrate at the Prudential Center with friends and family. I HONESTLY want to do a wrestling meet-up. I want to create memories with wrestling fans. Eventually, I’ll get fans on my podcast. Call ins, anyone?

I hope to see fans there and we get to take pictures! I hope you enjoyed this little writing. This is how I feel between WWE and AEW. I honestly couldn’t do the same for WWE wrestlers. If you get upset…leave a comment. Thanks for reading.