Favorite Wrestler and Why?

I’m Marie Shadows! I have a Substack detailing my wrestling journey on the indies! I give a spotlight to east coast indie wrestlers (for now) that doesn’t have enough spotlight for mainstream wrestling fans. But for now, let’s have some fun! I want to meet more wrestling fans!

Your answer can be from any wrestling promotion.

My favorite wrestler is Kenny Omega:

Kenny Omega can tell stories unlike any other. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Kenny Omega is from Winnipeg, Canada and traveled to the states to break out into the star he is today. I saw him wrestle live at Ring of Honor back in the day. I met him again at The Big Event here in NYC. I had him sign his pop figure and asked for a hug! He then stayed in Japan in 10 years to hone his skills. He formed a tag team with Kota Ibushi to create the Golden Lovers and proceed with a gay story line that pulled at my heart strings. It was like a great romance book unfolding in New Japan Pro Wrestling and DDT. Kenny Omega loves all no matter what. He breaks boundaries. But it’s his fantastic story telling for the business, and his creativity that I’m attracted to. He’s a gamer too! Kenny Omega’s accomplishments for the business and changing it is always profound.


Who is your favorite wrestler?


Let’s go!

-Marie Shadows

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