02.03.2020 - Week 1

Accountability for a needing a successful podcast and a wrestling wrap-up over the weekend!

I’ve been on hiatus for a good month. 2020 should have roared, right out the gate with uploads of New Japan Pro Wrestling recap episodes. I have the notes for those shows. But will anyone care? I still care. I can still elaborate on those matches and how the upcoming shows like New Beginning, New Japan Road, New Japan Cup 2020 affects everyone involved. I have SO much wrestling to talk about that it’s endless. On top of New Japan Pro Wrestling, there’s also past AEW Dynamite, AEW Dark, and AEW news I have yet to share with the world. There’s also WWE. The other wrestling podcasts are indeed too quick for my pace. So I need something that’ll win the hearts of my audience and keep them coming back for more. I need to separate myself from the pack.

Just be aware: Squared Circle Podcast is in no way, shape, or form a news outlet. If something of news worthy gets released, I know for sure that the hounds of the dirt sheets will report it. I’ll talk about it on the podcast.

Squared Circle Podcast achievement list:

1) Be a never ending resource for young up-coming wrestlers, referees, managers, and others as reference to navigate a tough industry.

2) Interviews with local NYC and northeast wrestlers.

3) Interviews with fans.

4) Adventures for everyone.

5) Be guests on wrestling events like: The Big Event, WrestleCon, Jericho Cruise and more!

January should have been the start. I should have hit the ground running like how this podcast started in October 2019 over a stupid decision via Hell in a Cell. But honestly guys, I got burnt. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed, out content that got listened too. The content got comments and shares. It was consistent. But then it fell off, and I feel bad for my team. I feel it’s quicker to release episodes by myself but I do need a talking buddy. Time difference is the problem. I’ll give it another shot. That’ll be part of my planning to success. The skill I need to conquer is consistent. I can be consistent. I was consistent. My last employment decided to close the doors last month, January. I worked long hours. It was myself and co-worker being martyrs for a lying company. I couldn’t upload. I had to deal with real life issues.

Only now do I HAVE THE TIME to make my dream a reality: Squared Circle Podcast shining a spotlight on all the indie wrestlers along the east coast. I started with JD Alpha, and it won’t stop there. Stick with me on this journey, and we’ll all have fun. I may not work like everyone else, but I’ll be true to you and your precious time in exchange for loyalty. I love pro wrestling. I love podcasting. And it bothers me that no new episode is up. Today is a new day. Tomorrow will be better. And I’ll plan out everything to make this work. Give me time and patience, and I’ll give you quality over quantity.

More details will be shared soon.

Details may be scribbled as the following but always SUBJECT TO CHANGE:

1) Discord

2) Street Teams

3) Social Media

4) Fan participation / engagement

5) Meet ups for local wrestling events

Wrestling wrap-up!

JD Alpha wrestled at Bronx Wrestling Federation on Saturday, Feb 1, 2020! It was a tag team match! I had tried to rally a group from the AEW discord. Some live in NYC, but nothing happened. I would love it if next time if people reach out to me via social media like Twitter, Instagram, or squaredcirclepodcast@outlook.com for more information on how everyone can attend JD Alpha wrestling events in NYC, NJ, more in the east coast, and even international! We are going big guys! I want you guys to enjoy it! Have fun with us!


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For Merch:

JD Alpha Boomer tee

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Alpha Tour:

  • Feb 22, 2020 - Ironbound Wrestling Alliance (IWA) - NJ

  • Feb 29, 2020 - Titan Championship Wrestling (TCW) - NJ

If you wish to attend these events because you live in the area, contact me for details. Any kind of support helps JD Alpha become a reoccurring wrestler with these companies and more. Use social media to share all these events, his matches, merch, your experiences hanging with myself and JD Alpha! The world is watching and waiting to know!