Dear Locker Room,

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Marie Shadows. And I am the creator, founder, and host of the Squared Circle Podcast.

Yes, it’s another wrestling podcast.

How is the SCP different from the rest?

  • I’m having a non-bias conversation with you in a love letter form talking about weekly wrestling shows and their performances.

  • I am an Ex-WWE employee.

  • I have wrestling friends that’ll love to share their experiences.

Now, my podcast has already started. I already conducted my first interview with indie pro wrestler JD Alpha. Let me explain my goals for this newsletter and the podcast:

  • Newsletter is FREE (*subject to change*).

  • Newsletter will be issued every two weeks. IF NOT, if life gets hectic: a MONTHLY WRAP-UP.

  • Conduct more interviews (video, audio, text) starting in Feb 2020 and beyond.

  • Create job opportunity for other wrestling fans/enthusiasts.

  • Help the AEW Discord in any way possible.

  • Work for AEW (long term goal.)

Explore the wrestling world with Marie Shadows and join the others as honorary members of the Keepin’ It Kayfabe crew!

Perks include:

  1. Squared Circle Podcast Discord roles and entry.

  2. Access to interviews with wrestlers, managers, refs, commentators, and more (called StoryTime) via audio, video, and text formats.

  3. Merch.

  4. Newsfeed about JD Alpha upcoming wrestling events along east coast, west coast, and international. If you are located in any of these areas, I will love to create a meet-up so we can all support JD Alpha and others in their wrestling journey.

  5. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed. Help, if needed and applicable at the time, is considered and appreciated. Remember: it’s a one-man show, so forgive me if I’m hesitant to leap into an agreement or some unfamiliar territory. I would never want to lose my podcast baby.

  6. Let’s have fun.

EVERYTHING IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! NOTHING WILL BE PERFECT! I appreicate the locker room taking the time to read all of the about page! You are greatly thanked, appreciated, and loved! Now please, without worry, HOT TAG that sign up!


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